The Ideal Fat Freezing Candidate

Fat freezing – just another weight loss fad, right? Wrong. Contrary to what many may think the first time they hear the term ‘fat freezing’, this treatment is not a weight loss solution. It is, however, a fat loss solution. During fat freezing, fat cells are frozen and killed, leaving the body to dispel of them naturally, ultimately resulting in less fat in the target area. For this reason, it’s used to target specific problem fatty areas as opposed to tackling issues with body weight.

So who exactly is the ideal candidate for a fat freezing treatment? It’s certainly not someone looking for a quick fix or a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. That being said, fat freezing can be beneficial for most body types, providing there is the right amount of fat to be frozen.

Is fat freezing appropriate for treating obesity?

Those with fat covering the majority of their bodies won’t see great results from fat freezing – think of it instead as more of a body contouring treatment. If however, a person is not too far from their ideal healthy weight, eating healthily and exercising regularly but struggling to rid themselves of a few stubborn pockets of fat, then fat freezing could be the solution they’ve been looking for. It differs from person to person, but people usually lose up to 25% of unwanted fat from their target area.

With obesity and weight problems, the first port of call should always be a lifestyle change that incorporates a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. The same goes for anyone considering a cosmetic fat loss treatment. Without a healthy lifestyle, any fat freezing procedure will not be sustainable and your adipose tissue (the tissue that stores fat) will continue to expand with poor lifestyle choices.

Can I have a fat freezing treatment if I am pregnant?

Extensive testing has not been performed, but fat freezing is not suitable for pregnant people. A fat freezing treatment would direct the body’s resources away from the baby, as it interferes with and triggers natural internal processes. What’s more, fat cells actually nourish a baby and cushion it in the womb. It is much safer to let nature run its course during pregnancy and save any fat freezing treatments for post-birth.

Many mums opt for fat freezing treatments to combat any issues with their post-baby bodies and they are perfect candidates for fat freezing. Sometimes after having a baby, no matter how hard you try, you just cannot banish that pesky pocket of fat around your abdomen – the ‘mummy pouch’ as it is affectionately known. Fat freezing is designed to reduce this area of fat (alongside a healthy lifestyle) but we recommend waiting around 6 months post-birth to undertake the treatment, to give your body the chance to settle down as much as possible. Mothers who have had a C-section are also eligible for a fat freezing treatment, so be sure to speak to your specialist about this during your consultation and ensure that you are fully healed.

I’m going through the menopause and struggling to lose weight – can fat freezing help?

Women going through the menopause are ideal fat freezing candidates. During and after menopause, maintaining weight becomes more difficult and many women actually gain weight, predominantly around the hips and thighs. This is triggered by the hormonal changes that go hand in hand with the menopause and of course the inevitable – ageing. Although a healthy diet and exercise can of course still play a part in ensuring that weight gain during and after the menopause is minimal, fat freezing is perfect for tackling problem areas.

It’s very important to remember that fat freezing is not a quick fix. It’s a fat loss treatment that subtly contours and complements a healthy lifestyle. Although it differs from person to person, you can usually expect to see results in the 6-12 weeks after your treatment as the fat begins to melt away. We recommend four treatments to truly see the effects of fat freezing.

If you are interested in our fat freezing treatments, then the Nu You team would love to meet you for a consultation. For more information, please feel free to contact us via our online form or give us a call on 0207 315 4384.

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