Skin tightening with 3D Lipo

Let’s face it – many people would love to have tighter-looking skin and to lose those pounds that might never seem to go away once we get older.

Yes, careful dieting and exercise are highly recommended and essential in getting the best results from even the most renowned treatments for tightening the skin. But sometimes, it’s hard to achieve the desired results from traditional methods alone.

That’s why you may look to alternatives, such as liposuction. This is the procedure by which fat is removed from the body through the use of a canula and negative pressure to suck it out. However, a surgical solution can be intimidating for many people, and liposuction can produce a number of side effects, such as bruising, necrosis, embolisms and symptoms that are even more serious than these.

It therefore hardly surprises us here at Nu You Aesthetics to receive so many enquiries from people looking to tighten their skin in a manner that doesn’t require them to go under the knife at all: 3D Lipo.

What’s involved in the 3D Lipo procedure?

3D Lipo has certainly been the subject of a lot of discussion in recent times among those seeking an alternative, non-invasive way of tightening their skin, beyond simply spending more of their evenings in the gym. It has been featured in the likes of The Sun and Metro, and can boast such celebrity fans as Stephanie Davis, Amy Childs, Antony Costa, Katie Price and Coleen Rooney.

Much more important than celebrity endorsements, however, is the strong scientific basis for the results that 3D Lipo can achieve.

When you turn to Nu You Aesthetics for a 3D Lipo treatment, the procedure will draw upon a combination of ultrasonic cavitation and dermatology. The former is used to rupture fat cells so that they turn into liquid, while the latter helps to ensure those useless cells are subsequently drained away through the lymphatic system.

The basic principle of the treatment, then, is relatively simple – but what kind of results can you expect for your own body from this procedure?

Make the right moves to ensure the best results

While there is no doubt about the brilliant results that can be attained from 3D Lipo with regard to fat removal, skin tightening and cellulite reduction, it’s worth us adding a few caveats at this point.

First of all, as with any other fat loss treatment, 3D Lipo isn’t a ‘golden bullet’ solution that will save you from the need for diligent exercise and dieting in order to achieve optimum results. You need to practice the best habits in this regard – otherwise, there’s always the risk of the fat coming back.

This helps to explain our especially holistic approach to 3D Lipo treatments here at Nu You Aesthetics. We assemble a personalised treatment plan for each of our clients, using their weight to determine what they need to do maintain their new figure, and giving them the tools that take the hassle out of tracking their energy between visits to our clinic.

We also urge our clients to drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day during treatment to accelerate the process by which liquefied fat is flushed out, as well as in support of all-round health and wellness.

Make these moves as a client of ours here at Nu You Aesthetics, and you could look forward to truly spectacular results. The aforementioned Blue singer Costa, for instance, used the procedure to lose six inches off his waist, while the likes of Lisa Appleton, Danielle Armstrong and Gemma Collins are also said to be admirers of the treatment.

So why not enquire to the Nu You Aesthetics team today, by calling 0207 971 1954, to learn more about what 3D Lipo could do for you?

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