Is Fat Freezing Permanent?

You might not be too surprised to learn that this is one of the questions we receive most frequently about our fat freezing treatment here at Nu You Aesthetics. It’s also a really interesting question, as ‘permanent’ can be taken to mean different things in the context of this procedure.

If you have been doing your research, you will know that the name ‘fat freezing’ isn’t a dramatic gimmick, as it really does freeze your fat cells. But if you undergo this treatment with us, will those unwanted areas of fat be zapped for good, or is there a risk that the killed fat cells – and therefore the noticeable pockets of fat – could ‘grow back’?

What’s permanent about this procedure, and what isn’t?

The other more technical term for fat freezing is cryolipolysis. It’s important to understand this process if you are to grasp what is and what isn’t permanent when you undergo the procedure.

First of all, you might have already noticed that fat freezing differs from other fat reduction methods that you may have read about, such as liposuction, in that it is non-invasive, or non-surgical. This means that it does not compromise the skin barrier, and therefore doesn’t physically destroy fat in the same way as liposuction – which in any case, can be a traumatic treatment.

Whereas liposuction can also cause destruction to surrounding tissues, fat freezing simply causes fat cells in a targeted area to die by exposing them to sufficiently low temperatures to ‘freeze’ them, with the skin and surrounding tissues left undamaged. Only about 25% of fat cells in a targeted area are actually typically destroyed as a result of a fat freezing treatment.

Once the procedure has been performed and the fat cells have been killed, the body’s immune system naturally flushes them out of the body, in much the same way as it does any other waste and metabolism by-products.

So, does that mean the dead fat cells are gone forever?

One thing that a lot of people don’t know is that after puberty, the amount of fat cells in their body actually stays about the same, without many new fat cells being created. This has interesting implications given that, like liposuction, fat freezing involves fat being removed from the body. In this sense, fat freezing is, indeed, ‘permanent’ in its effects; after certain fat cells have been removed, not only will they not ‘grow back’, but they also aren’t directly replaced by the body.

However, this doesn’t mean that it becomes impossible for you to regain weight after a fat freezing procedure, which in any case, is geared towards reducing fat rather than weight.
After all, the amount of fat cells in your body becomes stable after a certain age. So, if your lifestyle causes you to gain weight, your leftover fat cells will expand, whereas if you lose weight, they will shrink.

This means that it’s perfectly possible for someone who has undergone a fat-freezing treatment to end up returning to their pre-procedure appearance if they do not maintain a healthy lifestyle – which is all the more reason to ensure you follow a responsible diet and remain physically active in the aftermath of your own fat freezing treatment with us.

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