How to Prepare for your Fat Freezing Appointment

Fat freezing is a non surgical and non invasive procedure, which works by freezing and killing your fat cells. It triggers a natural process in your body called apoptosis, which is the death and disposal of unneeded cells. Your body then gets rid of these dead cells naturally. Fat freezes at a higher temperature than water, so your body won’t actually dip below freezing! 

Fat freezing is a “lunch break appointment’ with very little preparation needed before or down time needed afterwards. However, there are definitely ways to ensure you receive optimum results and that you maintain them, and they all come down to what you do before and after your very first treatment. 



You’ll have a consultation before a course of treatment is settled on, where we’ll figure out what is best for you and which procedures will help you achieve the results you want. When you’ve settled on a course of treatment, the only preparation you need to do is book your appointment, and turn up. It sounds too good to be true, but that really is all we need from you.

There’s no need to change your day-to-day habits before your treatment. Whilst we understand the desire to look your best, you just need to come as you are. No fasting is necessary as you don’t need to be put under anaesthetic. 

What will help you ensure you get the long-lasting results you’re after is making sure you’re living a healthy lifestyle: exercising regularly, eating healthily, drinking enough water. If you’re not doing this before your treatment, let fat freezing be the catalyst for a lifestyle change for you. 



After your treatment, whilst your skin at the treatment site might be a little cold and pink, you’re free to go about your day! Whilst some people begin to see results immediately, your body has to naturally dispose of the fat cells which can take up to 12 weeks so you’ll see more changes as time goes on. Unlike liposuction, fat freezing isn’t a one-stop, instant fix, and whilst it can differ from person to person we recommend 4 treatments to see the full effects. 

Whilst the treatment itself is permanent and the fat cells killed by fat freezing won’t grow back, it is still possible to put weight back on. In order to make your money worth it, it’s important to put in effort to live in a healthy and balanced way to make sure you don’t regain that weight. The ideal candidate for fat freezing treatments is someone who exercises regularly, eats sensibly and just wants to rid themselves of stubborn fat pockets and sculpt their body a certain way. 

Any clinic worth their salt will also provide you with a program for after care, including diet and lifestyle tips to help you keep the fat off. At Nu You Aesthetics, we’ll sit down with you and plan bespoke after care, that helps you achieve your dream body. 

Are you unsure as to whether fat freezing could help you to achieve the results that you have long desired? If this sounds like you, we would be happy to hear from you here at Nu You Aesthetics; you can book an appointment by calling 0207 315 4383 or contacting us online.

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