How Does Fat Freezing Work?

Fat Freezing Machine

You may have heard a lot about the ways in which it is apparently possible to ‘melt’ or ‘zap’ fat. You may be cynical – especially given the warnings frequently issued about their lack of results or even the dangers they may pose.

So, why would ‘fat freezing’ be any different?

This technique for banishing fat – also known scientifically as ‘cryolipolysis’ and in the United States, by the brand name ‘CoolSculpting’ – might seem to be just like all of the other much-hyped techniques for losing fat. Surely you can’t just freeze your muffin top away?


Does cryolipolysis work? Here’s the science

The great news is that it’s definitely possible to reduce your body fat with cryolipolysis (cryogenic lipolysis), because it’s based on the proven principle of cooling down fat cells to trigger what is known as the apoptosis process.

‘Apoptosis’ simply refers to the natural process by which cells in our body die when we no longer need them – what fat-freezing does is speed up this process in problem fatty areas.


In simple terms, cryolipolysis kills and disposes of fat cells – the latter happening via the natural process that our body uses for any other dead cells. Yes, to refer to it in the crudest sense, we really do pee away, sweat and breathe out fat cells.

It’s much like how white blood cells dispose of a blood cell or virus through the lymphatic system, which is the body’s waste mechanism.

How effective is fat freezing?

The fat-freezing procedure has been subject to wide-ranging scientific studies down the years that have consistently found it to be an effective means of decreasing fat. It simply speeds up and enhances the natural process of apoptosis, making it a trusted method of fat loss amongst professionals. Results do differ between individuals and the treatment should go hand in hand with a healthy diet and lifestyle to see the best results.


We see the best fat freezing results on post-pregnancy tummies and individuals who cannot shift stubborn fat in certain areas, no matter how much they have tried through diet and exercise. There can be many unavoidable reasons for lack of fat loss such as age and hormones and sometimes, a treatment such as fat freezing is one of the best options.

What about side effects?

There are almost no side effects associated with fat freezing. Thankfully, fat doesn’t need to be as cold as water needs to be to freeze. So while you’ll feel a bit of coldness during the treatment, when you place your trust in a reputable fat-freezing specialist such as Nu You Aesthetics, you can be assured of temperatures being set at a comfortable level. It’s definitely not a case of ‘the colder, the better’ with cryolipolysis, and it is such an attitude that can lead to the rare stories of frostbite-like burns that have been reported for fat-freezing. 

So in other words, this isn’t a treatment that you should try to do at home with a bag of ice cubes. Here at Nu You Aesthetics, we use sophisticated modern equipment that is designed to deliver results from the treatment while also protecting the skin. The targeted area of your body will feel colder in the immediate aftermath of the treatment, however, it’s rare for the skin to be left frozen solid. Instead, it’ll probably be temporarily pink and may feel like a chilled chicken thigh, but both of these effects should be gone within an hour or so.

When you seek your own cryolipolysis treatment from Nu You Aesthetics, there also won’t be any downtime. In fact, you can expect to be able to resume your regular life straight away – including driving, going to the gym, returning to work and more.


Nor is saggy skin an effect you can expect from the treatment, given that only fat cells are targeted, rather than the skin, which is elastic enough to accommodate the changes cryolipolysis produces.

So, now that you’ve answered the question of “how does fat freezing work?”, why not request an appointment with our team today to learn more about its potential benefits, by calling 0203 633 3011?

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