Fat Freezing for Back Fat

Back fat can be a real menace for many of us, especially as we age. This is because, as we get older, our back muscles ‘atrophy’ – the process by which they lose their strength and tone. 

The human back is overlaid with various muscle types, including extensor, flexor and oblique. The gradual sagging of the muscles and skin leads to the pockets between our back muscles filling up with fat, which then begins to bulge out. 

This process, as well as a poor diet and insufficient exercise, can contribute to excess pockets of fat that you may find uncomfortable, while also making you feel self-conscious, particularly when on holiday or while wearing tight-fitting shirts or bodycon dresses. 

It’s no wonder, then, that so many of us seek out treatments by which this unwanted back fat can be ‘zapped’.

Don’t resign yourself to liposuction

Exercise can’t be used to target fat in a specific spot. This unfortunate fact left those suffering from excess back fat with little option but to consider liposuction, which brings no shortage of its own drawbacks. 

Such a procedure needs to be performed with great care due to the muscle and tissue surrounding the fat in this part of the body – to say nothing of the potential for unsightly scarring as well. 

Thankfully, the emergence of fat freezing in recent years has given patients an alternative means of banishing their back fat. Not only is it non-invasive but it also enables only the fat to be targeted, so you won’t even have to worry about damage to other nearby tissue. 

In short, the procedure is pretty much what it sounds like. It really does involve ‘freezing’ your fat cells so that they are destroyed, and then naturally removed by your body in the ensuing weeks and months.

It’s a usually painless and quick procedure that has almost no side effects associated with it, to such an extent that once the treatment is done, you will be able to proceed as normal with the rest of your day. 

How effective is this treatment for reducing back fat?

So, now that you know fat freezing can be used for back fat, how good is it? The answer is: very good indeed. Fat freezing has an excellent track record of reducing all manner of areas of back fat, and is great for other areas of the body such as upper arms and double chins

In fact, the back is one of the areas of the body that responds quickest to fat freezing. So, while no results can ever be guaranteed and outcomes differ from one person to the next, there may well be a good chance of you seeing an almost immediate impact when you undergo this treatment on your back. It is really important that you live a healthy lifestyle, with regular exercise and a good diet in order to optimise the results and continue seeing them for a long time. 

Whether you’re self-conscious about your bra-strap area, those persistent ‘love handles’ or basically any other area of your back where fat may have accumulated, getting in touch with the Nu You Aesthetics team to arrange a fat-freezing appointment could turn out to be one of the best decisions you ever make for your body. 

Don’t hesitate to call Nu You Aesthetics now, on 0207 127 5129, to book your fat freezing appointment. We’ll be able to discuss what might be achieved for your own back, and how the right combination of our treatments and a healthy lifestyle could assist you in making it happen.

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