Fat Freezing at Home

The chances are, if you’re looking to shift some stubborn fat, you’ve heard of fat freezing. Hailed back in 2010 as the newest fat loss fad, fat freezing as a way of achieving your body goals quickly amassed celebrity endorsements and success story upon success story. But how does it actually work? We’ll be brief here, but have a look at other posts on our blog for further information on the science behind it all.

What is fat freezing & how does it work?

Fat freezing, or Cryolipolysis, speeds up and enhances a natural process where cells in the body die when we no longer need them. Fat freezing targets specific areas of the body holding onto fat and aids your body in killing and disposing of these cells. This allows you a level of fat spot reduction that might not otherwise be possible without an intense diet and exercise.

Fat Freezing Machine

Fat freezing, unlike more invasive surgery, relies on a moderately healthy lifestyle for the best chances of success. Since the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) approved the process in 2010, more and more people are choosing fat freezing over liposuction or other surgeries as a way to achieve their dream bodies. It works best for those already not too far from their ideal healthy weight, who are eating healthily and exercising regularly but struggling to rid themselves of a few stubborn pockets of fat. It differs from person to person, but most patients usually lose up to 25% of unwanted fat from their target area.

As the demand for this treatment has gone up, lots of pieces of equipment or hacks for achieving the same results at home at a fraction of the price have surfaced. So why would anyone now pay for more pricey sessions from a clinic if they can do it at home? Well, because you pay for guaranteed, tried and tested results, and you pay for safety.

Fat freezing from home

There are many ways to attempt to freeze your fat away from the comfort of your own home, such as wrapping yourself in clingfilm filled with ice, taking ice baths, or applying ice packs to the targeted area. There are gadgets that you can pay for too, with equally dubious results. With most of these techniques you have little to no control over the actual temperatures you’re exposing your body to, and the best result you can reasonably expect is that nothing at all will happen.

Whilst at home fat freezing methods are undoubtedly cheaper, they’re cheaper for a reason. There are risks associated with trying these procedures from home, such as a chance of frostbite, permanent tissue damage, moderate to severe pain and serious cramping resulting in longer term muscle damage. Whilst a little more rare, you can actually end up seriously damaging your body, or causing things like Paradoxical Adipose Hypoplasia, an event causing the treated area to actually become considerably larger rather than smaller, leaving you with a painless but visibly enlarged mass under the skin.

Part of the selling point of fat freezing is that it is a non-invasive procedure, but wouldn’t you still go to a professional for any other non invasive procedure? Wrapping your waist in ice and cling film somehow just might not have the effect you’re hoping for.

Fat Freezing with Nu You Aesthetics

Fat freezing with the professionals here at Nu You Aesthetics is far from the experience of trying to freeze your own fat off at home with ice packs. The highly trained team operate sophisticated, modern equipment designed to deliver results whilst protecting you and your body. Whilst you may experience a little discomfort and perhaps slight bruising or very mild pain, you’re far less likely to experience permanent tissue damage and guaranteed to get the results you’re after.

Choosing Nu You Aesthetics for your needs means no worries about adverse side effects or health risks. You’ll have professional consultations resulting in a bespoke treatment plan to help you achieve your goals without surgery and without ice baths at home. You’ll feel looked after, and the treatment itself, combined with its results, will boost your self confidence and help you to feel comfortable.

There’s also the matter of aftercare. The dedicated professionals at Nu You Aesthetics will be there for you throughout the whole process, including providing thorough aftercare with the offer for support and advice on living healthier and making an actual lifestyle change. Whilst a bubble bath and a glass of wine after wearing an ice belt at home might feel like great self care, it doesn’t quite match up to being cared for by professionals who have your progress and best interests at heart!

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