Does Fat Freezing Work on Your Hips?

The saying ‘a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’ can prove all too accurate for many of us. Even if you have been making major progress to achieve the physique that you want through a healthy diet and exercise, you might find that your hips are a problem area where unwanted fat just doesn’t seem to ever disappear. 

Whether you are considering fat reduction treatments as a means of targeting unwanted fat around your hips or you would like to slim and fine-tune your overall silhouette, fat freezing might turn out to be a suitable solution for you. 

So, if fat freezing is a treatment that you are thinking about, what are the essential details you need to know? 

First of all… what is fat freezing?

Whatever name you have seen it given – whether in the press or elsewhere – the basic principle behind fat freezing is the same. It lives up to its name in that it literally involves the freezing of fat cells, without the surface of the skin ever being broken. 

When you undergo this non-invasive fat-loss treatment with Nu You Aesthetics, you will have your hips – or whatever other appropriate area of your body you might wish to target – covered with a gel pad, followed by the use of an applicator to expose the skin in this area to cold temperatures, usually between -11 and +5 degrees C. 

This vacuum-like suction process destroys your unwanted fat cells, with the body then gradually breaking them down and removing them via the liver – which means, to be blunt, that you pee, poo, and sweat them out. It only takes about 45 minutes to undertake each treatment, after which, you’ll be able to get straight on with the rest of your day. 

While results naturally vary for every person, you could see visible improvements within mere weeks or even immediately, with the long-term outcome likely to be even better if you embark on multiple treatments and keep to a healthy lifestyle over time.  

Are you a suitable candidate for fat freezing?

It is important to understand that fat freezing is very much a fat-loss treatment, and not a weight-loss treatment. It is therefore not a recommended procedure for people who are obese and wish to lose weight. 

If, on the other hand, you are already at or close to your desired weight due to healthy eating and exercise, and simply wish to ‘zap’ lingering fat from stubborn areas like the hips, you could be a very good candidate for fat freezing. 

Our team here at Nu You Aesthetics can have this conversation with you when you arrange an appointment with us,, which can be done online or by calling 0207 127 5129. 

With now being the perfect time to launch into a fitness regime that will get you into amazing shape for the beach by summer 2020, we wouldn’t wish you to miss out if there is a possibility of fat freezing being the ideal treatment for you!

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