The Different Types Of Diet

There are so many different types of diet that are recommended by friends, family, personal trainers and people that you know. If you’re looking to lose weight someone may suggest a low-carb diet such as the Atkins diet… if you’re a keen gym goer you’ll probably have heard the term paleo, among the many other diets out there. With so many diets to choose from, and with so many contradicting pieces of advice, it can be difficult to pick a diet that suits you. That’s why we took a look at the different types of diet available to you and how they can help towards certain goals.

Weight Loss – The 5:2 Diet

How does intermittent fasting sound to you? The 5:2 diet is exactly as it sounds, you eat for five days a week and you try to eat nothing for two. It’s great for people who aren’t looking to monitor what they’re eating (on days that they do) and has very few restrictions on what you can and can’t eat. That doesn’t mean to eat everything in sight for five days but it does allow you to have an extra portion of desert every so often, without feeling guilty.

If the thought of going without food for two days sounds awful, you can use a modified version of the 5:2. Consume your regular amount of calories for five days a week and on the other two eat 25% of your recommended amount. Encouraging a calorie consumption deficit on the two days you have off will help you to lose weight and to use excess fat stores as an energy source.

Celebrities who have used the 5:2 diet include JLo, Phillip Schofield and Miranda Kerr

Lifetime Program – The Paleo Diet

You don’t just do the Paleo diet, you live by it. The diet itself takes us back to our hunter-gatherer roots. The birth of agriculture produced processed foods such as pasta, bread and foods high in refined sugar. The paleo diet eliminates these types of food and promotes the consumption of lean protein and plant foods. It is based on the theory that our digestive system is not made for high-carb foods but is made for consuming nuts, seeds, low-sugar fruit and livestock.

To start with the diet can make you feel fatigued due to the low levels of carbs consumed and it can take a lot of food prep to follow it well. It also means breads, sweets and fizzy drinks are out of the question. It’s such a big commitment too! Before you attempt to change your lifestyle to accommodate the paleo diet, you have to ask yourself if you’re really ready to give up (on the whole) some of the items people consume daily.

Celebrities who follow a Paleo diet include Megan Fox, Miley Cyrus and Jessica Biel.

Fat Burner – The New Atkins Diet

The New Atkins diet aims to use fat as your primary source of energy by limiting your carb intake. Consuming between 20-25g of carbohydrates a day, allows you to eat as much protein and fat as you like the rest of the time. The first phase of the diet (there are four in total) us designed to help you lose 15lbs in two weeks. Popular among men, the New Atkins diet is also a cheese lovers dream. You’d be expected to consume a diet that consists primarily of red meat, cheese and butter.

The first phase (induction) of the diet focuses on transforming your body’s primary source of fuel to fat by consuming high amount of protein and low amounts of carbs. Phase two promotes ongoing weight loss at a slower weight by increasing your carb intake slightly. You’ll then increase your carb intake further in stage three as you try and find a carb intake that will continue to help you reach your targets (whilst still losing weight). Once you’ve hit your target weight you’ll look to maintain it through constant monitoring of how many carbs you’re consuming a day (stage four). Always remember that this diet takes a lot of discipline, it doesn’t work for everyone and is a little bit of trial and error… but it does work for some.

Celebrities who have used the New Atkins diet include Renee Zellweger, Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian.

Fast Weight Loss – The Dukan Diet

The Dukan diet is said to help you lose weight very quickly, by following four phases, much like the New Atkins diet. In phase one you’ll be presented with 68 foods that are high in protein and you’ll stick to them for two to seven days. You’ll enter phase two and have the option of 32 additional foods. On average you should be losing a lb every three days until you hit your target weight. Phase three gradually introduces foods that you’ve cut out and stage four is about implementing what you know about weight loss in everyday life to stay slim.

Through the phases various amount of daily exercise are prescribed. Not only are you committing to following a strict diet of limited food intake, but you’re also committing to exercising every day. The quick weight loss can also make it more like a yoyo diet. Without proper education in food intake and long term lifestyle changes, it is likely people will lose and put on weight in cycles.

Celebrities that have use the Dukan diet include Kate Middleton, Katherine Jenkins and JLo (again!)

Supplements Not Meals – The Cambridge Diet

The Cambridge diet is focused upon using shakes, bars, porridges and soups as the main sources of food and calorie consumptions. Your calorie consumption is extremely low too and will range from 450 kcal to 1500+ kcal per day. It’s designed for rapid weight loss and can’t be considered a long term diet to follow. In fact some medical professionals recommend that you only follow it for a maximum of 12 weeks.

To use the Cambridge diet you have to go through their program. You’ll be given a consultant who will weigh and measure you. They’ll then prescribe you with your recommended calorie intake and nutritional plan. Considering you’re eating less, it will actually cost you £48.50 for the plan (a week!) plus your food. Yes you may lose weight very quickly, but it’s not sustainable and, once again, it can become a yoyo diet.

Celebrities that have use the Cambridge diet include Martine McCutcheon and Jennifer Ellison.

It’s not a secret, following any type of diet is hard. Restricting food intake can leave you hungry, you may feel fatigued compared to your usual self and after you’ve followed the program the weight may come back again. In fact you can sometimes waste weeks thinking you’re being “good” only for the scales to tell you something different. At Nu You we recommend a balanced diet without eliminating any type of food group. If you’re looking to shed a couple of extra pounds, without the stress and hassle of a diet, then give one of our treatments a go!

Note: We do not recommend any of the above diets. Before changing your dietary habits seek professional advice.

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