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You are eligible to have Lipofirm Non-Invasive Fat Reduction treatment at Nu You Aesthetic Clinic in the centre of London’s medical district.

From the information you have provided we can recommend 4 to 8 Extended time Lipofirm Non-Invasive Fat Reduction treatments.

The next step to achieving your body shape goals is having a Pre-Treatment appointment. This is where all of your information and recommendations will be checked and confirmed by one of our qualified and professional Aesthetic Practitioners at our clinic just off Harley Street.

If you prefer please click on the Make an Appointment button below and enter your name and telephone number, we will call you back as soon as we are available.

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You are eligible to receive a 50% discount code for the next 48 hours only so please get in touch ASAP and quote code FBD07 as soon as you can.* *New Year, Nu You £100 Gift Card available until 6th January 2020 as well!**

What is Lipofirm Non-Invasive Fat Reduction

For more information about Lipofirm Fat Reduction please watch our explainer video below or Click here.



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