Why is fat freezing/3D Lipo better than liposuction?

Liposuction, it’s fair to say, is the treatment that initially springs to mind when contemplating the best ways of shedding fat quickly. It’s much talked about in pop culture, with celebrities rumoured to have undergone the procedure including the likes of Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba and Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.

Here at Nu You Aesthetics, we can certainly understand the draw that liposuction has for many people. In today’s thoroughly ‘Instagrammed’ era, so many of us can feel less than satisfied by those persistent lumps, bumps and other areas of fat that just don’t seem to go away. Sadly, going to extreme lengths with our approach to dieting and exercise is often far from a recipe for happiness and sometimes, it can be very difficult to obtain the results that we’re yearning for.

With liposuction having such a strong reputation as a treatment that brings instant results, we can therefore hardly blame large numbers of Britons for seriously considering it.

What is a liposuction treatment really like?

Yes, there may be certain celebrities that swear by liposuction. But as with so many other things to do with the stars, the polished surface image can differ greatly from the truth when it comes to this much-talked-about and often resorted-to treatment.

For one thing, liposuction can be very expensive, running into many thousands of pounds, which might force you to rule it out on cost grounds anyway. Secondly, it is a highly invasive procedure that usually requires a general anaesthetic and sometimes even an overnight hospital stay. In the immediate aftermath of this surgery, you’ll also probably be very sore, with considerable swelling and bruising that takes several weeks to diminish. Dressings on the incision points will also need to be changed daily and the weekly sessions of manual lymphatic drainage massage that helps to accelerate the healing process aren’t cheap either.

Not only this, but the results of liposuction can vary depending on the given surgeon’s skill. Many people are pleased with the outcome of the procedure, but others can be left dissatisfied due to uneven skin, dents and hollows, as can easily occur when too much fat is removed.

Combine all of these factors with the uncomfortable support garments that you’ll also be required to wear for 4-6 weeks after your surgery, and in truth, you’ll be waiting for between 12 weeks and six months for results to properly show. That’s hardly an ‘instant’ process.

Is fat freezing or 3D Lipo a safer alternative?

Fat freezing and 3D Lipo are commonly taken up as an alternative to liposuction – so what are the similarities and differences? Firstly, unlike treatments such as ultrasound assisted liposuction that have been described as ‘minimally invasive’ or ‘walk in walk out’, fat freezing and 3D Lipo are not only non-invasive means of losing fat, but also really do enable you to walk in and straight out of the clinic.

These treatments are based on similar principles of freezing fat cells in targeted areas to destroy them. They also have similar side effects, which may include some mild bruising and localised numbness of the treated area, lasting potentially for a few hours or as long as a couple of weeks. There’s no downtime associated with these non-surgical treatments, and you can expect a large proportion of the end result to be evident just a few weeks after the procedure. Oh, and not insignificantly, you can also expect to pay much less for fat freezing or 3D Lipo than you would for liposuction.

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